Monday, 4 April 2011

I'm walkin' on Sunshine! Whoaaaa!!

So, I went for a walk in Toronto's "Fashion District" yesterday. Although I was actually on a mission, it also felt like a glorious excuse to just wander around without the trappings of a parka and 12 layers of clothes.

I can't tell you how delightful it feels to dress like a woman again. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my portable duvet, It's just that the "Arctic Explorer" look gets a bit old by March.


I had FINALLY decided on a design for my Maid of Honor dress for Monica's wedding and I was bound and determined to go get the fabric!

Don't mind the sketch btw.  I drew it REALLY fast and was out the door!

After MUCH searching in cramped and crowded fabric stores (with HORRIBLE service I might add. Maybe my standards are too high now that I work in retail?) I mean, YES, I have a tendency to make up textiles and accessories that don't exist.  But instead of acting like I'm crazy, why not celebrate my creative mind?  Well?  WELL?  Yup, I usually get the raised high brow and the rolled eye.

So after all that, I stumbled upon Shangri-la!
I couldn't believe how much space there was in this store! I couldn't believe I had never been here before!!!

All the bolts of fabric were stacked up neatly and side ways so I could actually SEE the fabric!  The bolts that were standing up against the wall were so easy to access as well! 

And the service!?  AMAZING!!!!!  Not only were they incredibly helpful, they also gave me an AMAZING deal!  When I should have paid $170 for everything, I only ended up paying $100 in cash.  Sweeeeettt!!!!  Thank you spending Karma!

I can't say enough about the black raw silk, the soft black tulle or how the fuschia lining feels like rose petals....or even how the yellow cotton with brown polka dots makes my girlish heart sing like the Sound of Music!

Note:  the yellow cotton is for a future sundress and has nothing to do with Monica's wedding.  I just happen to strike lucky and simply HAD to buy this wonderful fabric. 

Needless to say, I left my new fabric fabric haunt walking on air singin' songs of glory.  How could my day possibly get any better?

Well, it did! *Giggle*

I finally got to see my dear friend Kiki (for the 1st time since Oct.) and had the pleasure of her company while we explored and re-discovered Kensington Market. 

We checked out the new location for the Play Dead Mansion (which is wonderful!  Bean and Stu are total sweethearts! You should go when you are next in the market), I had a delicious decaf-soy-moccachino...AND Kiki gave me this amazing book about....SHOES!!!!!

 It looks fabulous on my coffee table!

 With pictures like this, how can you not LOVE a book like this!?

 Um, yes, I think I need these!?

 I have a pair of pink and purple snake skin heels very similar to these!

 Hello there LEGS!!!!

 The beauty, the pain, THE POETRY!!!

 A blast from the past.....FYI-I predicted a DM come back last June, thank you!........

 LOVE these sneakers!

I should scan and print this photo to put on my wall.  It's just GORGEOUS!!!

To see the rest of this amazing book, you're just going to have to come over for tea and cookies!

Here's to a wonderful start to a fabulous Spring!

Stay Gorgeous Darlings!!!!

XOXO Lizz de Savoye
The Fashion Ninja

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