Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Bargain Beyotch 101

So now that Spring has Sprung, I am having a grand ol' time going through my closet:  Assessing what is still on my wish list, trying to edit out what I don't wear anymore, and of course, playing dress up to remind myself that wonderful, sun filled days are indeed ahead!

To celebrate the beginning of this wonderful season, my dear friend Tara and I headed out this past Friday to hunt and gather some fabulous new frocks. And when we did, I could swear all the Bargain Hounds and Bitches the world over cheered in our general direction!

Now, I know many of you are either
A) Daunted by the task of searching through 2nd hand stores for deals
B) Are too lazy
C) Too busy
D) Are just plain grossed out by the thought of rummaging through used clothing.

If you are more of an "A" kinda gal: Don't worry about it!  I'm gonna give you some really helpful tips that will make even the greatest novice an expert Bargain Beyotch in one day!

If you are more of a "B" kinda gal, I can't help you.  Building a comprehensive wardrobe on a budget takes hard work.  Plain and simple.  You wanna look good, you gotta work it girl!

I totally get the "C" girl.  That is pretty much all of us. But I say this to you:  Take an hour on your next day off and just "see" what you can find in one Value Village.  I promise you, you WILL find more time after that.

And as for all you "D" girls......Get over it!  Unless you are Kim Kardashian, you simply don't lead the lifestyle to harbor such a bourgeoisie attitude. Life is dirty, so wear your casual clothes, roll up your sleeves and get to it.  That's why God invented Gain Detergent G-Friend!

OK.  So how the H do you get all these Fabulous Finds!?

Well, it does help if you have the Sartorial 6th Sense I do.  But I have spent MANY years cultivated that tingle I feel in the back of my head.  I'm pretty sure it's not a tumour.  I just know that when it happens, I find fashion gold!

So until you get that notion to put your Bargain Hound nose in motion, try these tips on for size.....AND be open to possibility!

It's SO busy that even a Nun would be driven to committing murder in Aisle 3! Go on a week day in the early afternoon on your day off. If you don't normally get a day off during the week, time your "Dr.'s Apt" with a %50 off sale and make a day of it.

Lets be honest here.  It's survival of the fittest!  I'm not saying you should bowl everyone over like a line-backer.  Just have the guile to get what you want.  Hey, you already lied to your boss about your "Dr.'s apt."  This is just the next step to your Sartorial Supremacy!

Do yourself a huge favour and leave your purse at home. Instead use a cross-body swing pack. Carry only your essentials:  A small wallet, your phone, keys, a large bag to carry your bounty and most importantly:  HAND SANITIZER!!! Trust me, you'll be using that last one a lot.

You just end up frustrating yourself and everyone else.  It wastes your time and ruins your experience. AND you end up making poor choices.

I love shopping with my friend Tara.  She tells me like it is and has prevented me from making many a faux pas.  She even confirmed that I looked like a streaker in a trench coat I was "thinking" of getting.

Grab a shopping cart, start from one aisle and systematically go through each one. Don't think too long about it either.  Just take what you like and what you are on the fence with. Edit when you get to the fitting room.

You just don't know (good or bad) until you do this. It also helps you edit your purchase.

Unless you KNOW you are going to alter that garment in the next 7 days, don't buy it!  It'll just frustrate you every time you see it in the closet.

I can't tell you haw many pairs of "Goal Pants" I have wasted my hard earned money on in the past.  If it doesn't fit, don't commit.

So you just spent 2 hours in VV, and you have some pretty Fabulous Finds.
Do yourself a favor:  Go to the cashier, see how much you have saved and go treat yourself to a latte.  You will never see everything in one store.  Accept that and you will always leave satisfied.  And remember, if you don't find anything that day, it's ok.  You're only going to buy what you absolutely love anyway.  Fashion is a constant process of hunting and gathering.  Make it fun and you will always look effortlessly amazing!

With these 10 Steps, I promise you will be well on your way to Bargain Bitch Supremacy!

Just look at all the Fabulous Finds I got for my hubby and me this past Friday! 

"Old Navy" XL Navy Cable Knit Sweater (never worn)
"Volcom" jacket (never worn)
$14.99-Value Village

"Twentyone Men" light jacket (never worn)-Lg
$14.99-Value Village

"Tommy Hilfiger" cotton sundress (never worn) Sz 16
$9.99-Salvation Army

Velvet Bolero (never worn)

Brown, Teal and Cream polyester dress

"Naturalizer" suede wedges (never worn) Sz 10

"Deluxe" engineers hat (never worn)
$1.99-Value Village
I actually believed this dress would fit like a Mumu when I went to try it on for a few laughs.  Case in point, I was pleasantly surprised by how darling it looks with a belt and subsequently fell in love!
Remember:  ALWAYS try it on!  You just might like it!
Dress $3-Goodwill

Italian leather belt (never worn)
Woven Leather Belt with Brass Buckle
$1.99-Salvation Army
Retro Butterfly Elastic Belt

Bag of yarn (includes purple mohair)
$2.99-Value Village

Vintage "Miu Miu" wallet
These guys had NO idea what they had!  I felt like running for the hills after I bought this in case they realized their mistake!  Instead, I just giggled maniacally as we headed to the next store.

This is something I always carry with me in my wallet.  It's a wish list of things I would like to add to my wardrobe.

I highly recommend carrying one of these with you when you go shopping. You don't need to draw out what you want (I just like to), but making a list when going though your wardrobe will really help you focus on what you want. It doesn't mean either that you have to stick to it completely, but it does help remind you of what you would ideally like to find.

 I figured I would move out of my Winter Bag today.  So long fabulous "Juicy Couture" leather bag!
 Hello fabulous H&M pleather bag!  I just can't part with it!  It's the perfect colour of red!  AND it matches my new wallet perfectly!  I don't normally go matchy-matchy, but in this case, I kind of like it!
Remember to keep your purses in their dust bags!

It protects them from dust and light AND makes it easier to store them too!

Furthermore, it's like a surprise remembering how much you love that bag when you take it out the following year.

I almost forgot I found this awesome coffee cup!
For those in the know, NAGEL was the artist who painted the famous Duran Duran album cover for RIO.
$.99-Salvation Army

And of course I found a new forest creature to hang out with my Buddha in my herb garden this summer.  Can't wait to get started on that!

Stay Gorgeous Darlings!
I can't wait to see YOUR Fabulous Finds!

XOXO Lizz de Savoye
Fashion Ninja


  1. great post Lizzie!!! Nicely done. Take me along next time, will ya? :) x0x0x


  2. Well, OKAAAAAY! If you insist! :D

  3. LOL. For sure! We will hunt and gather MANY fabulous frocks!