Saturday, 30 July 2011

The Fashion Ninja Strikes Again!!!

I had THE best day off with my BFF Toby today!

I'd been feeling a little down lately, and Toby being the extreme sweet heart that she is, took me out for my Birthday Brunch.  Although my Birthday was back in May, we just never got the chance to do anything until today.

She took me out to this quaint little resto at the end of her street called: ZOCALO, just steps from Dundas West Stn.

And what a gastronomic delight it was!

Although very small, the decor was delightful.  It matched Toby's dress perfectly!
I was quite taken with our water bottle. If only I had brought a larger handbag......

I fell in love with the little bar in the back too. I can only imagine how romantic it must look by candlelight!
The Gerber daisy was a perfect match!
While there wasn't much to choose from the menu, I did appreciate the organic ingredients and locally grown produce they endeavored to use.
I felt very Parisienne in this space.
 The art work was nice too.
The watermelon lemonade would be AMAZING with vodka!

I have GOT to try and make this myself sometime.
Our cheese plate was sheer heaven!  The strawberry/onion jam was out of this world.  And the cheese!?  Amaaaaazing! The almonds are roasted in house and the break sticks are as well!
 I had the poached eggs with garden salad.
Toby had the roasted tomatoes and veggies with garden salad.

I will definitely go back to this place again.  Everything about it was wonderful!!!

***I can't forget to mention about the AMAZING bath salts that Toby makes!  She spoiled me with a new batch!  I can't wait to take a bath with them!

After our amazing meal, we headed out to the Eaton Centre to go find Toby a pair of shoes for her BFF's wedding @ the end of August.

Apparently Toby NEVER goes into a mall, ESPECIALLY on a  Saturday, so I am UBER complimented that she trusted me enough to brave the hoards of pedestrians to find THE perfect shoe!

 And we did!  This is us having a "victory" iced chiller after wards!

These were not them.  We just thought they were the cutest things in Forever 21.
These are the shoes!  And they are GORGEOUS!!!!

We found them for $39.99!  AND they're leather!
Oh yes, they were also originally $99.95!!!!!  The budget was $60.  I think we killed it quite nicely, don't you?

We were feeling SO rich we splurged on leopard print hair clips at Forever 21 and split the pack between ourselves.  Did I mention I only paid $1.50!!?

Aaaaaahahahahha! I was so giddy about that!

And then we stumbled upon a sale @ Bath and Body Works.

The Nectarine Mint moisturizing hand soap:  was $5.50, got it for $3.00

The Dancing Waters Shower Gel:  was $11.00, got it for $4.00!!!!

All in all, today was the perfect day and the perfect pick me up! I am so rich with amazing girlfriends!

Go tell your BFFs how much they rock!

And of course, as always,

Stay Gorgeous Darlings!

XOXO The Fashion Ninja
Lizz de Savoye

Friday, 22 July 2011

In your face "Heat Bubble"!!!!

Heat Bubble!!!!

The very word makes me giggle.....and sweat!  It just brings up visions of eggs cooking on sidewalks, 3am sci-fi movies and crazy iced-coffee commercials!  And if I were lucky enough to be beach bound, I might not mind it so much.

But I'm not. I am work bound instead.

So how do I keep my body core temp low enough to avoid heat and or sunstroke when I am forced to leave my wonderfully air conditioned cocoon at home!?

Well, these options may not be the most glamorous, but they work and right now, that's good enough for me!

1) Soak your DARK t-shirt (or dress) in cold water and put it on. I stress dark as you don't want to give a show, you just wanna be comfy! By the time you reach your destination, you'll be bone dry and one cool cucumber!

2) If that is too gross for you, just try soaking a dish towel in ice cold water and putting that around your neck.

**When I got on the air conditioned bus yesterday, I then folded it up and put it in my freezer bag amongst the ice packs that were keeping my dinner cool.  By the time I was waiting for the subway home last night, it was SUCH a delight to pull it out and cool off while waiting amongst the over heated masses!

My freezer bag is not nearly as FF as this Prada one....but a girl can dream!

3) If that seems too complicated for you, go old school!  Just wet your hair and put it up in a pony. That'll keep your head nice and cool alllll day long. I wouldn't recommend doing it all the time as it can be rough on your roots and will increase breakage, but for short term respite, it's perfect!

4) I cannot stress enough how wonderful option #4 is!!!  Use your umbrella to block out the sun! It stave's off sun stroke better than any hat!

I'll be doing it again today, I promise you!

And of course, if you are lucky enough to be near any body of water: lake, pool, public fountain.....Jump in and enjoy!  Cuz Jan. is only 6 months away!

Stay Cool and Gorgeous Darlings!

XOXO The Fashion Ninja
LiZz de Savoye

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Christmas in July DOES exist!

I got totally spoiled yesterday!

One of my best girlfriends brought me a little "wonderful smelling" surprise, wrapped up like a Christmas Pressy.

L'Eau D'Issey Florale roll-on eau-de-toilette.

It's now my new Summer scent.

Thanks Girlfriend!  :D

Have a great day and remember:

Stay Gorgeous Darlings!
XOXO The Fashion Ninja
LiZz de Savoye

Friday, 1 July 2011

Oh CanaDUH!!!!

Every year, my hubby and I like to hang our Canadian Flag on our balcony to celebrate Canada Day.

At some point over the past year, in a cleaning frenzy, I put our flag some where "logical" .....And now I can't find it.

So in lieu of our usual tradition, I'm simply going to post a picture of our beautiful flag and vow to put it somewhere even MORE logical when I eventually do find it during my next cleaning frenzy.


XOXO The Fashion Ninja
LiZz de Savoye