Friday, 18 March 2011

Green Sleeves

Although I am not Irish, you sure would have guessed by my attire yesterday that I was!  I used this lovely little guy as my profile pic on facebook.  Isn't he cute?

I think we all like to participate in St. Patrick's Day for different reasons. The most obvious being the perfect excuse to get drunk and rowdy!  The biggest for me is that I get to wear as much green as I want without looking any more cartoonish than the next guy.  Emerald is my birthstone, so of course I naturally gravitate towards those lovely hues.

But funnily enough, I don't participate every year.  Some years I just drink a few beers, others I don't even do that.  

But this year, I went all out!

First I found a website where you can locate the McDonalds restaurant that serves Shamrock Shakes.

After years of "Saying" I would get one, I finally got one!

I take my Shamrock Shake very seriously. 

It was delicious.

Of course, I couldn't think of a better time to go see the Tim Burton exhibit down at the Tiff Bell Light Box Centre.

I look like a caricature, he created many wonderful just works. 

A side note: They really ought to post more signs about NOT taking any pictures.  We were totally surprised when the security guard asked my friend to erase her pics. He was such a jerk about it too!

Despite that, I had a great time, thoroughly enjoyed what I saw and will be going back a 2nd time to see all the animation I didn't get to see the 1st time around. 

This was definitely worth the $$ for any Tim Burton fan. 

And then there was the beer!  I only had 2, but lemme tell you, by the 2nd one I was HAMMED!  Maybe it's the food coloring, maybe it was all the revelry around me.  MAYBE it was the fact that I don't drink very often. But by the end of my 2nd one, it was time to go home.
 Can you tell I feel great here!?  Hahaha.

Even the graffiti one the bus was in sync with the holiday!

And for once, my nails didn't chip!

 One more for the road!

Aaaaaand just to shake things up, I wore my new leather Coach gloves I bought myself for Christmas last year. I can't wear ALL green now, can I?  

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

HELP! Pleeze?

This is the letter I WANTED to submit the John Frieda Contest for a trip to NYC about why I shine so bright.  But it wasn't until I submitted it that I found out there was a 50 word maximum.  LOL.  Can you guess what I whittled this down to?

Life is truly what you make it.

Despite all the life challenges my hubby and I are facing, I find a way to be happy and laugh everyday. 

AND I finally started a blog about being fabulous and fashionable! It's called Fashion Ninja (

It is in the moments of greatest struggle when our true character shines. And baby, I'm shining bright!


All I could actually fit in was: I blog about being fabulous and fashionable. And baby, I'm shining bright!

I wonder if that will be enough to win a trip to NYC?

It looks like you can vote for people in this contest.  I'd be ever so grateful if you voted for me!  Here's the link:

Stay Gorgeous Darlings!
And thank you so much!

XOXO The Fashion Ninja
Lizz de Savoye

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

John Galliano-Fired from Dior

I didn't believe it until I saw those very ugly words come out of his mouth on youtube. I am still in shock.

I had really hoped the story of John Gallianos' drunken antisemitic remarks had been blown wildly out of proportion, but sadly they weren't.

It's such a shame too. I'm such a huge fan of his art.  No longer of the artist however. 

Apparently, Dior had been making a gown for Natalie Portman to wear to the Oscars (now that she is the new face of Miss Dior Cherie).  But in light of recent events, she decided to wear Rodarte instead. Which is a huge upset for the house of Dior since the Oscars are probably one of the most influential and important events to be represented at. Even more so when your Actress wins.  

The House of Dior has zero tolerance for racism as we all should.  In this day and age, how it continues to exist is beyond me. They are right to fire Galliano.  You just can't behave in such a disgraceful manner.  ESPECIALLY when you are the Brand Ambassador and head designer for one of the finest Couturiers in the industry.

So, who will Dior bring in to repair it's reputation?  What will happen to JG now?

I'm quite curious to see how this ugly tale will continue to unfold.

In the meantime, here is the link if you really want to see.  But be prepared to be offended.

XOXO The Fashion Ninja
Lizz de Savoye