Sunday, 17 April 2011

The Cardinal Rule

I took my BFF Toby for her Birthday Brunch yesterday to a new Restaurant that just opened in Parkdale called:

The Cardinal Rule.

My friend Katie is one of the owners and I have to say,

Not only is the selection on the menu comprehensive, they also give you vegetarian, vegan AND gluten free options!  Hallelujah!  Finally a place where ALL food preferences can dine together!
I absolutely ADORE the teal argyle wall design and mini booths @ the side!
I enjoy how cozy the atmosphere feels inside with just a hint of daylight peeking in. The bar looks amazing as well.
These bathroom doors?  Major WIN!!!
Love her little clutch!
The table beside us had the coolest decoupage I have seen in years!

I don't know what I like more:  The kitten with the party hat or Patrick Swayze (I kinda cut him off the pic.sorry).
I am now officially a new fan of peppermint green tea!  What a fabulous way to serve it too!
I felt so spoiled getting mini muffins for an appetizer......It probably has to do with my cupcake obsession.
This breakfast has pretty much everything I don't eat on a regular basis.  But what a treat it was!  Who knew you could make eggs over easy so fluffy!?  And the bacon?  PERFECT!!!!  And how brilliant were the potato latkas!?  Drool. Drool.
Toby had a delicious panini sandwich with goat cheese, veggies and potato latkas.  It looked heavenly!
Maybe I'm dating myself, but any place that has Sid & Marty Krofft decoupaged on their table is aces in my book!
And of course I had to finish off Toby's Bday Brunch with a little giftie (summer tote) I made her. I liked it so much I made myself one this morning!
One last look before we left. So lovely!
Oh I am SO coming back!  I'm drooling already just thinking about that fantastic breakfast, excellent service and wonderful atmosphere!

Did I mention that the 504 bus stops RIGHT IN FRONT on Roncesvalles!?  Talk about door to door service!  

Do we look satisfied or what!?

For more information, hours of operation and menu, please check out:

Stay Gorgeous Darlings!
XOXO LiZz de Savoye
The Fashion Ninja


  1. This is my best friend and I'm going to 'review' her restaurant. Surprise! Its the best thing I've ever seen! Not one even MINOR issue!

    Also - OMG eggs! Cooked even! Streetcar stop outside! It's like door to door service!

    Sorry about the snark, but not really. Listen, if you want to write about your friends ventures, great. No one would deprive anyone of that, but lets try to not pretend we are subjectively reviewing a restaurant by describing the way the food was cooked and that you would be COMING back, etc. etc. OF COURSE you will be back, she's your goddamn buddy!

    No one expects newspaper-like journalistic integrity from a fashion blog, but COME ON! If your going to review a restaurant the very least you could do is review one that isn't run by your personal inner circle. At least be a tiny bit realistic if are going to. Really? Not one single minor issue?

    1. Dear Anonymous:

      Thank you for reading my blog. My review of my friends restaurant is indeed genuine and extremely subjective! I never pretended otherwise. And yes, I did not actually have a single issue with my experience. I was and will continue to support her with great press because she works hard and deserves that at the very least.

      Snark or not, thank you for your honest opinion. I will take your views under consideration when I post in the future.