Wednesday, 29 February 2012

WOW! That was fast!

I ordered the cutest pair of booties from for the 1st time a few days ago.  I thought it would be at least 7-10 days until I got them, but to my amazement, they were waiting for me when I got home today. 

And they do not disappoint!

 I really like how straight forward the packaging was.  Their logo, and the shoe box.
 The box is a little beat up, who am I to complain?
 I got these little beauties for $25 (tax and S&H included)!!!
And even after a full day of work on my feet, they feel LOVELY!!!

I can't wait to wear them!

....and order from this website again! 

Stay Gorgeous Darlings!

XOXO The Fashion Ninja
LiZz de Savoye

Monday, 27 February 2012


I have been a member of for about 2 years now.  And while there have been some pretty amazing deals featured on a regular basis, it wasn't until today that I finally bought myself something.

I just couldn't pass up this great deal!  I have always wanted a pair of ankle boots that looked like this but couldn't find them anywhere until now.

They were only available in sz 10. And with a $10 credit (for recommending a friend), I scored myself a pair of black "Steffi" ankle boots for $25 (including S&H)....originally they were $45.   Talk about "meant to be"!

I can't wait to get them!

Viva La Saving Revolution!

I feel a Cold play song coming on all of a sudden.....

Stay Gorgeous Darlings!
And sign up for
It's totally worth the wait!

XOXO The Fashion Ninja
LiZz de Savoye

Friday, 17 February 2012

The Ninja Strikes AGAIN!!!!

Have you ever bought a pair of Winter boots quickly, thinking: " Yeah, they're a bit loose, but with double socks they'll fit great!"  But they don't and you end up getting no support while you waddle through the snow like a circus clown..... and then you never wear them.

Yeah, that's me. 

WELL!!!! Today that all changed!  Back in September, I spotted a pair of Winter boots @ the Bay that I have since crushed heavily on.  They're the Mercedes Benz of Winter boots.  And they were $250...before tax!  Not gonna happen.  At least, not in my world.  I can and I did do better!

After months of tracking my "forever" boots, I finally happened upon them in a roomy Size 9.

And after all the reduxes, today's customer appreciation discount AND my staff discount, I ended up paying......drum roll puhleeeeze!


And Happy Dance!

I don't think I'm EVER taking these babies off! 
They feel sooooooooooo good! 
And they're rated up to -25C!!!

So even if we never see another snow flake THIS Season, I'll be ready for a quick weekend getaway to Yellowknife any ol' time!

Sigh, I love a great deal.

Have a great weekend you gorgeous darlings!!

XOXO The Fashion Ninja
LiZz de Savoye

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

First Pair Free!?..Why thank you!

My Sister turned me on to Clearly Contacts last week when they were having their "First Pair Free" Promotion.

To begin, I started by "Liking" their page on facebook so they could send me updates for their next promotion.

The day before their latest promo, I went to my optometrist and asked them to give me my existing Rx and my pupil distance (you'll need to know this when you order)

Admittedly I was a little doubtful at first, but once I uploaded a picture of myself and started trying on frames I was hooked! I filled in my prescription, paid the shipping and handling and waited like a kid on Christmas eve for them to arrive today.

And wow was it worth the wait! These frames were made for me!  How appropriate that a pair of Dark Brown Tortoise Shell frames called : Havana Pink by LOVE should arrive today!

Not only do they look perfect on me, they also sent me a hard carrying case, cleaning shammie, glass cleaner AND a travel screw driver set to tighten my frames up should they ever need it.  I've never gotten that when I've purchased my frames at an optical store.  I've just paid A LOT more, for a lot less.

I feel so hot vintage barbie in these!  And you know I rocked them alllll day loooong!

And now I'm hooked.  Their prices are SO reasonable and I think I just might start collecting frames!

Check it out, you just might fall in LOVE!!!!

Stay Gorgeous Darlings!

XOXO The Fashion Ninja
LiZz de Savoye

I'm Baaaaack!

Hello my lovely Ninjas!

It's been about 3 months since we last spoke. I wrestled with Christmas and now with Sprinter.  And the entire time I've been under the weather, I have had time to reflect,  time to think, and time to be inspired.

Furthermore, it occurs to me that 90 days from now we'll be wearing pretty sundresses and ballet flats while we sip lattes on a patio soaking up the sun! I feel better already,  I can hardly wait!

And in the meantime, I have my 1st art show of 2012!

It's about rebirth, reinvention and how nourishing "food for thought" truly is! I hope you can make it out.  If not, my work will be up during Canadian Music Week. Either way, I hope you get nothing less than a little joy from viewing it.

Stay Gorgeous Darlings!

XOXO The Fashion Ninja
LiZz de Savoye

Thursday March 15, 6-9pm
Supermarket Bar and Restaurant
268 Augusta Ave.


Sunday, 6 November 2011


I was fortunate to be invited again to my friends clothing swap today.

Amazingly enough however, I came home with only 4 items. I know, right!?  Only FOUR!!!!? You see, over the years, I have become a little more picky when choosing what will come home with me.  I think in the end, it's the purging rather than the finding that makes my swapping experience so much more enjoyable.  I felt a certain "lightness of being" walking home with so much less than I came with.

My "Lizzdom" for the day came when someone handed me a sequined skirt.

To which I replied:
 "Thanks but I make it a rule to never wear sparkle on my butt!"

Laughs were had all around, I can assure you!

I do have to take a moment to commend the wonderful girls who all went out of their way to pass things to me from the pile to try on.  They were so sweet when something didn't fit me or look right.  But as I said then, I will say now:  For all the hits I've had over the years, I certainly don't mind a few misses.  And so even though I didn't come home with a bunch of new dresses or skirts, I can say with complete and utter contentment that I LOVE my new white cowboy boots (thanks Tara!!!!), that I will get SO much use out of my pink retro clutch and that I have already started wearing one of the two belts I found!

Did I mention how RAWR these boots are!?  *Giggle* 

Stay Gorgeous Darlings!

XOXO The Fashion Ninja
LiZz de Savoye

Thursday, 27 October 2011

The Power of Threes!!!

This past Saturday I was forced to hoof it from the subway to my friends Wedding (to help with last minute set-up) because there were NO streetcars for miles and miles! I had left home 2 hours prior in an effort to be early. She was getting married in a few hours and the Toronto Transit Commission was earning themselves a gigantic FAIL!!!! 

So as I'm hurtling down the streets of Toronto like a mad woman, I see something white from the corner of my eye zip down beside me.  I stop dead in my tracks only to discover that a bird had pooped on my Chanel Baguette handbag!!!!

Deliver me from Karl Lagerfeld,

You have never seen a woman shriek more like Homer Simpson!  I whipped out a tissue faster than you could say "SACRILEGE!" and wiped down my handbag furiously!  I was INCENSED!!!!

Now, in some cultures it's good luck when this happens.  So I took a deep breathe and called to the Fashion Gods.  "This one is SO on you!"  I proclaimed, shaking my fist at the sky!  And then I pulled myself together and proceeded to make miracles happen for my friend in the next 2 hours and thought nothing more of it.

Until Wednesday.  Apparently that good luck has started to come my way!

Since that fateful (or I should say- poopful) incident I got my beloved $110 Portolano red leather gloves for a song!

By chance on Wednesday I asked the girls in the accessories section at the Bay when they would be having their one day glove sale.  I showed them the pair I had been eyeing since August and wouldn't you know it, they had been reduced to 60% off!  Couple that with the $30 HBC gift card I had been saving, I walked away with those little cuties for $20!!!

Insert Happy Dance HERE!!!!

And then I got to see the LEGENDARY Oscar De La Renta in the flesh yesterday!

He was at the Bay to promote his new Fragrance "Live In Love"...a delightful floral I might add!

Jokingly I told everyone that if I ever even made it to the 3rd floor to see him, I'd be lucky if I got to spy his pinkie finger as he would most likely be surrounded by so many adoring fans. But the fates chose to be kind to me.  As I left my shop to go make change in the cash office, I got to watch him walk past me with his entourage.  Sigh.  He was SO debonair as he kissed his guests good-bye.  Yes, I am STILL swooning!

So I wonder what lucky happening #3 is going to be? *Giggle*  I better go play the lottery on pay day tomorrow!  Who knows?  I could be a "thousandaire" if I play my cards right!

Cha-ching biznatches!!!

Stay Gorgeous!

XOXO The Fashion Ninja
LiZz de Savoye