Friday, 30 September 2011


I have been a loyal skin care freak ever since I quit smoking 8 years ago.  To me, your skin is something irreplaceable, and should be treated with the utmost care. 

It's because of this belief that I splurge on skin care products.

Now, before you start rolling your eyes, and start to tell me that it's all a "waste of money" and that all you need is "soap and water" blah, blah, blah.....keep this in mind...

Soap and water does NOT cut it.  If it did, that's all I would use.  Further more, one of my favorite products is all natural and made by a friend of mine in Toronto.

But for everything else, I go to CLARINS.

Why you ask?  Because their products are all plant based.  They are so gentle on my skin, it's always hydrated now, the price point is so very do-able and they have the funnest gift-with-purchase events!

Last night was one such event!  After work, I went and treated myself to some pore-refining serum and some heavy duty make-up remover. I had booked my appointment weeks in advance to get my 6pm time slot.

I arrived on time, treats in hand, (I love my Clarins girls!) and with that my team of hair and make-up artists went to town and turned me into a total babe.

And I've got the picture to prove it!

Can you say Zooey D meets Katy P?  Giggle.  Their photographer is a magician!

It was enormous fun and I can't wait to do it again.

Remember, take care of your skin 1st and the rest will follow!

Stay Gorgeous Darlings!

XOXO The Fashion Ninja
LiZz de Savoye

Sunday, 25 September 2011


Last year I had the good fortune of finding a floor length black suede a-line skirt at Value Village for $4.  Seriously!  4 freaking dollars!!!

Although I appreciated the Maxi length, I knew it just wouldn't be practical and I would never wear it at that length.  So me being me, I shortened it to just below the knee.

And I have loved wearing it ever since!

I didn't know what to do with the extra leather at the time so I saved it. Fast forward a year later. And now that corset belts are all the rage, I have finally found my solution!

I took that extra suede, added a black corduroy cord to each side,

et voila!

I am now the proud new owner of what I consider to be an absolutely adorable and chic suede obi!

It looks really wide when undone......

But it overlaps quite nicely.  Can you see the corduroy bow?

Stay Gorgeous Darlings!

XOXO The Fashion Ninja
LiZz de Savoye

Friday, 23 September 2011

Fab Fall Looks under $50!!!! Pt.1

Herring Bone Skirt: Goodwill      $4
Leather Belt: Salvation Army      $2
Bird Necklace: Forever 21           $4
Teal Blouse: Value Village           $4
Black Cardigan                           $40

I love my fabulous finds!!!!!

Stay Gorgeous Darlings!

XOXO The Fashion Ninja
LiZz de Savoye

Thursday, 22 September 2011

I LOVE Shopping For FREE!!!!!

For years I balked at the idea of collecting rewards points from loyalty programs.  It just seemed like a giant pain in the ass....that it would take forever to collect them. And redeeming them!?  Oh, don't even get me started!

And then I began to work at the Bay.  I started to see how many points my customers would earn with their I started collecting my points like a squirrel collects nuts!  And WOW do they ever add up fast!

Instead of using those points every time I earned a $10 gift card, I saved them.  Until one day I fell in love with the cutest little thing!

Et Voila! 

I used $50 worth of loyalty program points and only paid $4.25 out of my own pocket!

Did I mention how I use my Coach wristlet EVERYDAY, I love it so much!?

Sigh.  I love shopping for FREE!

Stay Gorgeous Darlings!

XOXO The Fashion Ninja
LiZz de Savoye

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

I MADE THIS!!!: Tshirt 2 Tote

I was at Old Navy back in May and I saw this amazing t-shirt on sale for $10.  I had hearts in my eyes as soon as I saw it.  But I had sworn off buying anymore t-shirts since I can't wear them very often these days. 

So what's a girl to do!?

Get struck by inspiration!  That's what!

I decided that I was going to turn that amazing tee into a tote bag!  I can wear THAT everyday, even with my retail wear!

And here's how I did it!

This is the shirt!  I love candy skulls SO much!

1st thing I had to do was pin the front and back together so I could cut an even pattern.
Because the shirt is made from jersey knit, I ironed it onto some interfacing to prevent it from warping.
To make assembly easier, I sewed the edge of the interfacing and knit together.

I then made a lining out of satin I got from a prop sale at work (I think it cost me 50c.?)

I even put in a multi-function pocket with pen holder. It's SO handy!
After sewing together the outer shell and lining, I sewed on the handles (made from left over raw silk I used in a previous dress).
Et voila! 

My new end-of-summer tote!  I have literally used it everyday since I made in last week!

What fab t-shirt will you use to make YOUR new tote!?

Stay Gorgeous Darlings!

XOXO The Fashion Ninja
LiZz de Savoye

Sunday, 4 September 2011

ANOTHER Fabulous Find!??

When I was a little girl, my Mother had a pair of Burnt Sienna Leather Clogs that I would wear around the house all the time.  It drove her crazy, she was convinced I was either
A) going to break her shoes
B) break my ankles.

Neither ever happened thankfully.  But I have always wanted a pair of my own as an adult.  And until recently, it was always very difficult to find a pair that weren't "orthopedic" in style.

Then about 2 years ago Karl Lagerfeld put them on his models feet for Chanel's Spring Collection and Wammo!, Bammo!, they were everywhere!  But they were also $200 at least.  Out of principle, this was out of my price range and therefore, not an option.

Until recently!

Back in early Spring this year, I spied a pair at Joe Fresh for $79.  Real leather uppers, wooden sole.  Totally the real deal.  But I was still sure I could do better than that.  And so I left it to the law of the Universe.

If I was meant to own these clogs, I would get them for $10.

And today I did just that!

My little bargain birdie went off and I found the sale rack for Joe in a totally random part of the Real Canadian Superstore.

And there waiting for me, were my black clogs!

I'm never going to take these babies off!

Did I mention how awesome Joe Fresh is yet!? If you haven't gone yet, go, go, GO!!!!  They have new dark wash skinny jeans for $19 a pair!!!!

Stay Gorgeous Darlings!

XOXO The Fashion Ninja
LiZz de Savoye

Thursday, 1 September 2011


Lately I have been endeavoring to find ways to spend as little as possible while still managing to feed my shopping appetite.

It's a challenge I am relishing with great delight!

For those of you who don't know, I work in a large department store. Every now and again this store holds various contests to drive sales to different departments.

Long story short, (and with the most "bounce backs" to a certain perfume counter)
I won a huge a$$ bottle of Marc Jacobs Lola perfume!!!!


Talk about feeding the beast!  

It's almost the size of my head!!!

And how much did I spend!!?  Hahaha.....And Happy Dance!

Stay Gorgeous Darlings!
XOXO The Fashion Ninja
LiZz de Savoye